What is HSC Next?




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We understand innovation.

The HSC Next team brings knowledge, experience, resources and connections to catalyze innovation. This website will be a key component (but not the only way) in which you can engage with us and grow as an innovator. Through, you’ll be able to submit an idea to an Innovation Challenge, access tools, register for entrepreneurship events and build an innovation team, among other things. We believe that everyone can be an innovator, not just researchers or clinicians, but students and staff too. That belief is the bedrock for a core HSC value - a call for us to Be Visionary. 

We look forward to helping you discover what’s Next for your ideas.


Yes. HSC Next team members are employed and supported by the UNT Health Science Center.

Innovation is key to one of our core institutional values, Be Visionary. And, innovation is critical to the HSC mission: creating solutions for a healthier community. Furthermore, we are convinced that innovation and entrepreneurship can be transformative for our community and that the HSC has an obligation to help make Fort Worth a better place.

No. HSC Next is open to working with on- and off-campus innovators.

HSC Next is comprised of two teams, an Innovation Ecosystems team and an Innovation Pipeline team. The Innovation Ecosystem team is focused on building stronger on- and off-campus environments to foster innovation. The Innovation Pipeline team is about outputs – generating and managing potential innovations arising from campus, and off-campus activities. You can learn more about each team by clicking the buttons on this page.

HSC Next operates to help guide innovators and entrepreneurs, not steal ideas from them. Provisions related to ownership of intellectual property developed by HSC students, faculty and staff are detailed in the HSC Intellectual Property Policy, the latest version of which can be found in Tools on the Resources tab. We are always happy to answer question about the ownership of intellectual property.

Click "SAVE TO DRAFT" on the application form, and return any time before the deadline to edit or finish the application. Access saved applications through "MY CONTENT" in your member profile (top right corner of the screen).