Meet the team

the team
rob mclain photo

Robert McClain, PhD

the strategist

Learner, Ideation, Strategic,
Responsibility, Connectedness

bill jordan photo

Bill Jordan, DO, FACOI

the mentor

Connectedness, Ideation, Relator,
Learner, Belief

cameron cushman photo

Cameron Cushman

the builder

Arranger, Connectedness, Positivity,
Woo, Maximizer

eric mcnair photo

Eric McNair, MBA

The analyst

Learner, Context, Achiever,
Connectedness, Significance

eric mcnair photo

Darlene McMillin

the facilitator

Context, Responsibility, Belief,
Connectedness, Harmony

marco johnson photo

Marco Johnson, MBA

the navigator

Input, Belief, Relator,
Connectedness, Empathy

marco johnson photo

Katrina Gordon, PhD


Responsibility, Harmony, Relator,
Belief, Analytical

kendel rogers photo

Kendel Rogers

the storyteller

Input, Restorative, Responsibility,
Intellection, Connectedness

jamie barnhart photo

Jamie Barnhart

the connector

Responsibility, Relator, Harmony
Achiever, Developer

kendel rogers photo

Adrian Denvir, PhD

The Guide

Strategic, Analytical, Responsibility,
Achiever, Learner

kendel rogers photo

Nicole Reilley

The Ambassador

Relator, Communication, Responsibility,
Woo, Input

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Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs launch and grow emerging technology companies since 1998.

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A VC Firm identifying and bringing to market advanced biotech in overlooked and under-invested markets in the U.S.

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Intellectual Asset Management: industry and scientific experts to service the unique needs of Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs).

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