HSC Innovations

"HSC is the top ranked medical school for innovation impact productivity."

– George W. Bush Institute  

Our innovation portfolio consists of ideas and inventions. 

Invention Portfolio
Inventions are ideas that have been reduced to practice – where proof-of-concept has been demonstrated and feasibility tested. Our Invention Portfolio tracks the advance of inventions, from patent prosecution to marketing to the launch of commercial partnerships. Below, we highlight a few promising inventions under development at HSC. If you have an invention to share with us, click "Submit Invention Disclosure."

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Idea Portfolio
Our Idea Portfolio holds nascent innovations we’ve captured through one of our Innovation Challenges. Working with creators, we’re incubating those ideas and assessing innovation potential. As those concepts are tested, the most promising ideas move along an early-stage development path – and move into our Invention Portfolio. You can learn more about the challenges we've sponsored on our Challenges page.

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Featured Technologies

HSC at the forefront of research and innovation

eye photo

Crispr Based Treatment for glaucoma 

Researchers at the HSC have utilized the revolutionary CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing technology as a unique new therapy to treat glaucoma and other eye diseases.
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Novel markers for forensic analysis in dna samples

Inventors at HSC have developed a novel forensic marker system of ‘macrohaplotypes’ to determine the make-up of a DNA mixture, improving accuracy of analysis. 
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dna photo

Conditional Transgenic Mouse Model of Myocilin Glaucoma

Mutation of the myocilin gene is the most common cause of glaucoma that leads to irreversible vision loss. HSC inventors have generated a novel mouse model to help understand the disease and stimulate new drug development.
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Tell us about it! On this page, click on the “Disclose a New Innovation” button and answer the questions about your discovery, invention or creation. The online form will also allow you to upload other information about your work like manuscripts, presentation slides, photos and videos.

On this page, click on the “Disclose a New Innovation” button and answer the questions about your discovery, invention or creation. The online form will also allow you to upload other information about your work like manuscripts, presentation slides, photos and videos.

You will receive an email confirmation that we’ve received your disclosure. After a preliminary review, we’ll reach out to you within a few days to discuss your invention or creative work. After that discussion, we’ll send you a supplementary form with additional questions required by federal and institutional policies and processes. An electronic signature will be required on the supplementary form. The HSC Next team will tailor specific guidance about planning, next steps, and trajectory based on the individual innovation.

The online innovation disclosure process at this site is intended for use by HSC faculty, staff and students. If you are not associated with HSC, we are happy to hear from you and can arrange for a non-confidential discussion.

We conduct a number of confidential reviews that include assessments of sponsor obligations, patentability, possible markets and commercial potential. HSC Next contracts with an outside firm, TreMonti Consulting, to assist with the assessment of innovation disclosures. Inventors are provided a copy of the confidential TreMonti technology and market assessment.

The management of intellectual property is subject to the HSC Intellectual Property Policy. A copy of the policy can be found in Tools on the Resources tab of this website.

For HSC inventions and creations not commissioned by HSC, 50% of net commercialization revenues are shared with inventors as a personal distribution. A fraction of the 50% retained by HSC is also shared with the inventors as an unrestricted distribution to their lab, clinic or unit chart string. For more detail see the Revenue Participation section of the HSC Intellectual Property Policy found in Tools on the Resources tab.

 A complete listing of HSC technologies can be found at our web portal powered by  IN-PART.

HSC Next is responsible for managing all commercialization activities related to HSC intellectual property, including activities required to assess, manage, protect, promote, and commercialize HSC intellectual property. HSC Next is the only authorized negotiating representative of HSC for any HSC Intellectual Property.

HSC Next bears the cost of filing, prosecuting and maintaining patents on behalf of HSC. Typically, when patents are licensed to a commercialization partner, the partner is obligated to reimburse HSC for past costs and assume ongoing responsibility for future costs.

HSC Next has a number of team members who have extensive experience as inventors and managers of patent prosecution. However, HSC Next does not employ patent attorneys. Instead, HSC Next contracts with private law firms that work hand-in-hand with HSC Next on patent prosecution. All of the contracted law firms have attorneys with scientific PhDs and research experience, in addition to their law degrees.

You can submit a question by email to Or, you can reach out to Eric McNair at

In the online innovation disclosure form, you will have a chance to list the names of any possible co-inventors. After you submit the innovation disclosure form, co-inventors can be connected within the online platform so that they can review, upload information to and edit content in the innovation disclosure.

Yes. The innovation disclosure process is considered a process internal to HSC between HSC faculty, staff or students and HSC Next.