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Inventions are ideas that have been reduced to practice – where proof of concept has been demonstrated and feasibility tested. Our Invention Portfolio tracks the advance of inventions, from patent prosecution to marketing to the launch of commercial partnerships. Below, we highlight a few promising inventions under development at HSC. If you have an invention to share with us, click "Submit Invention Disclosure".

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Crispr Based Treatment for glaucoma 

Researchers at the HSC have utilized the revolutionary CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing technology as a unique new therapy to treat glaucoma and other eye diseases.
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Novel markers for forensic analysis in dna samples

Inventors at HSC have developed a novel forensic marker system of ‘macrohaplotypes’ to determine the make-up of a DNA mixture, improving accuracy of analysis. 
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Conditional Transgenic Mouse Model of Myocilin Glaucoma

Mutation of the myocilin gene is the most common cause of glaucoma that leads to irreversible vision loss. HSC inventors have generated a novel mouse model to help understand the disease and stimulate new drug development.
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