Fort Worth's Bright Future
Meet John Goff, the real estate visionary who is investing in innovation in Fort Worth.
About the Episode

No one has done more to drive innovation in Fort Worth than the guest featured on our 100th episode...Meet John Goff, the real estate tycoon of Fort Worth. As a true visionary in Fort Worth, he's been a driving force for innovation in the city, and on this episode, we dive deep into his incredible journey. John's role to increase innovation started with the Fort Worth Now initiative, initiated by former Mayor Betsy Price in spring 2021. He delves into the charge from Mayor Price and the strategies he employed to make Fort Worth economically stronger in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. He shares about the Aggieland North project and the vision behind it, shedding light on its significance for Fort Worth. He also shares his exciting commercial development project in the cultural district, The Crescent, which is scheduled to open in the fall of 2023. John shares his aspirations for Fort Worth and what he sees as the Fort Worth of the future.

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