Reimagining Old Spaces for New Business
Meet Jessica Essl, one half of a twin sister real estate duo, who are reviving Fort Worth’s most legendary districts.
About the Episode

When it comes to reinventing old spaces in Fort Worth, look no further than the twins who are revitalizing Fort Worth through real estate. Jessica Miller Essl is co-president to M2G Ventures with her sister, Susan Miller Gruppi, and they are creating innovative spaces through human-centric design. They focus on commercial real estate, but also foster investment opportunities to bring in cool businesses that represent Fort Worth's funky flair. Spaces like The Foundry District, Mule Alley in the Stockyards, and the innovations happening in the O.B. Macaroni building are embracing the history of the area while infusing a vision of the future. She discusses their approach to cultivating Fort Worth's culture in their projects, what it's like to work with family, and where they see the future of real estate in Fort worth heading. 

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